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  • Holly great product

    Hailey Waldorf | Hits 1800
    Starting Treatment Essence
    • In my sensitive, normal skin with the occasional monthly breakout(and acne makes of course I feel like it calms my skin, it feels smoother, brighter and my pores seem smaller,
      The only negative for me is the glass bottle - it's gorgeous, but I don't like traveling with it. I didn't take it with me on a few trips and always end up regretting it. This makes a noticeable difference in my skin.

  • zenpia | 2016-06-28

    Thanks for interesting.
    Have a great day.

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  • Holly great product (1)
    Hailey Waldorf
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    Clara Woo
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    Valerie Tran
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    Clara J
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    Sammie Carnal
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    Clara Woo
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    Clara Woo
  • Twinkle Water Proof Gel Pencil Liner (1)
    Liza Sotelo
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